We started in 1979 & have framed many thousands of items.


 This customer brought in photos of her son, some with his golf team, a wood award plaque, golf tee's, newspaper articles and score cards.  We chose a simple black frame, a fabric mat the color of the grass and had a banner silk screened at the top and metal plates engraved.

​Most projects are not nearly as complicated. If you have something that you want to save and be able to view, we can frame it!

Here is a hole-in-one golf ball we framed for this proud customer.

Here is a hole-in-one golf ball we framed for this proud customer.


​​This customer had a fun day with her family pouring cement, so we used the old jeans she wore that day to cover the mat!

We have framed hundreds of Jersey's over the years.

Here is one pinned to a black fabric. mat with a frame to match the team color.



This Jersey includes photos of the team.

We have framed all sorts of three dimensional objects...

Including guitars, baptismal gowns,  army and sports medals,  teddy bears and even a bra!  


Here are dog show ribbons framed, in a more casual style, with photos and awards.   

We frame a lot of art for art shows.

This photo shows many maple frames for one art show.

In the next steps, we cut the mats and glass, installed the art and finished by backing each piece.

(After all these years I still love the smell of fresh cut wood.)