I grew up four houses away from a neighborhood grocery store where I used to toddle over in my diapers to buy my penny candy. We bought the old store building in 1979 and remodeled it into a custom picture frame shop on the first floor with living quarters on the second and third floor.  

My wife and I were both art majors in college and have great ideas for framing your next project.  The Framer has over 4,000 frame styles and 1,000 mat samples. We do all the work ourselves and have paid for our building years ago so our overhead is low. That means  we can keep our prices reasonable everyday.

We have framed everything from the usual posters, prints, art, needlework, photos & diplomas to dimensional things like jerseys, computer parts, guitars, violins, sports and war memorabilia … and much more.  We also do a lot of commercial work for schools and businesses of all types, large and small.  (Our biggest project was framing 1,700 prints for the Post Office.)

Call or stop by today… 1412 2nd Ave South, Fargo… One recent customer said our shop looked like something out of the Harry Potter movies. Others have said we have the coolest shop in town… Check us out… M 9-7:30, T-TH 9-6, F 9-5 phone (701) 293-0234 or (701) 280-1413 evenings and weekends.

After all these years we still enjoy framing and visiting with our customers.    95% of the time I feel like I am going to play & not work.  My goal is to frame my last picture at 100 (probably in diapers by then) so I will have come full circle in this wonderful old building. 






~ When you stop in to our little mom & pop  frame shop for frame and mat suggestions and an exact price quote, you are welcome to give the dogs some cheerios, which we provide - and I'll even play an antique phonograph or music box if you like ~







Additional Information

You may have noticed more photos of phonographs than framing.   For me it’s not just about decorating the shop, but when I work among my treasures it reminds me of all the people from 100 years ago that made them.  I think about the inventors, loggers & woodworkers,  miners & machinists, shippers and retailers - that because of their efforts long ago I, and others, get to enjoy something wonderful.   I hope 100 years from now someone will think about a frame made in our shop and it will give them joy too.